Rotary Broom

A revolutionary product

About our Rotary Brooms

The Armstrong Engineering Rotary Broom is a reliable and versatile tool suitable for road contractors. The unit is designed for  to be fitted to a small loader, tractor or truck.

It is designed for long lasting and high performance requirements and is preferred by many contractors for its easy maintenance design and quality, heavy duty parts.

This unit is a preferred rotary boom across a number of applications including road clean up, snow removal, dock and warehouse cleaning and severe weather event clean-ups.

rotary broom

Key Features

Model no. AE1524 AE1828 AE2133
Weight (kg) 485 541 618
Operating width B (mm) 1524 1828 2133
Overall width A (mm) 1790 2095 2400
Brush diameter (mm) 760 860 780
Operating width BB (mm) 1371 1625 1965
Motor flow (Lpm) 60-80 60-80 60-810
Operating pressure (Psi) 2000-3500 2000-3500 2000-3500

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