Armstrong Spreader

A perfect spread every time

Armstrong Spreader


Armstrong spreader boxes are computer-controlled automatic aggregate/chip spreaders, primarily used for road sealing applications. Our spreader boxes are designed and manufactured in-house, ensuring the highest quality control.

Adjustable Spread Width

The computer controlled design of the Armstrong Spreader allows the driver to change not only the width of bitumen flow but also to which side it is being spread.
Armstrong spreader rear animation
armstrong spreader rear animation 2

Extendable Spread Width

Hydraulic extensions on either side of the spreader box allow bitumen flow to extend beyond the width of the truck, which in turn extends the range of use of the spreader box.

Key Features

  • 3m Spread Width
  • 1.41 cu. Yd. capacity
  • Auger Control Lever
  • Feed Gate Control Lever
  • Easy to install
  • Hitch Height Adjustment
  • Quick Attachment Receiving Hitch
  • Weight- 2,420 lbs.
  • Includes Truck Hitch and two tailgate hooks


  • Guaranteed spread rate, regardless of speed of truck or angle of hoist
  • Significantly reduces margin for human error
  • Drastically reduces waste
  • Reduces rolling time and sweeping/suction time
  • High level of accuracy
  • Ability to prove spread rates by data logging
  • Operator friendly. Simple controls allow for minimal training


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